Muller Drumtec

Stainless Steel Experts for Pharmaceutical Biotech Cosmetic and Beverage Industries.

The Company offers its customers matched and sophisticated drumtec systems.

Muller GMP compliant small handling equipment. All units are completely made of stainless steel, hygienic and easy to clean. To facilitate the operator handling, pallet trucks and scissor lift trucks of the AGILO series are equipped with quick raising action and soft landing on floor surfaces. All units are light and manouverable. All functions on the AGILO series are manually. This makes the device lightweight, agile and cost-effective.

Muller manufacture a stable and robust split butterfly valve system for emptying and filling your highly potent or toxic media and controlling emissions. Light to handle and safe to use. You can rely on the Müller Containment Valve to safeguard the health of your employees even as you maintain the purity of your product and protect the environment.

Muller Drumtec Portfolio

Storage – Transport – and Process Container out of Stainless Steel
Lidded and tight head drums
Muller butterfly valves
MC Valve
Stainless Steel bottles

Drum Trucks
Support Racks
Clamping band and yoke
Small handling devices
Low dust powder handling
Suction hood
Drum emptying system
Customized Container

Accessories for each application
-Label holder
-Sight glasses
-Carrying handles / drop handles
-Pneumatic vibration unit
-Manual discharge aids
-Pick up aid (pivot pin)
-Lid hinges