Solids and Liquids
Processing Technology

Decades of experience in powder + liquid processing coupled with mixing + handling technology and associated products.


Freund-Vector Corporation designs, manufactures and markets processing equipment and services.

The Muller Group develop, manufacture and sell
• industrial packaging made of mild steel, fibre, plastics and stainless steel,
• storage, transport and process vessels out of stainless steel as well as
• handling, dispensing and GMP washer systems.

High Containment

Products designed for research and development and the laboratory space.

Containment up to Levels to OEB5 DN 65, 100, 150, 200 & 250. Manual or Powered Actuation with a host of Options for every demanding application. Robust and reliable. Suitable for IBCs, Drums and Process Equipment. Muller Active Valves Options for every installation..


R&D equipment information.

The latest technological developments in powder and liquid processing.

We choose products and complete solutions carefully with many years of experience using our partners expertise.

About SLP Tech

Our sales organization provides services to the pharmaceutical, life sciences and food and beverage sectors.

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