Rheo Engineering has grown from a safety solution provider to a comprehensive material handling and process technology company. Rheo have developed a broad range of material handling products and turn-key process systems for customers. They are a company composed of solution orientated people. Their experienced team are delivering proven technologies to the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.



Drum Conditioner
The Rheo Drum Conditioner (Drum Massager) provides a safe and reliable means of conditioning hardened product within raw material containers. The breakup of hardened product allows for easier product flow out of drums later in the manufacturing process. The Drum Conditioner provides improved safety, containment and productivity.


Drum Tipper
The patented Rheo Drum Tipper is designed to help operators safely transfer materials out of drums while providing access to the drum contents. The Drum Tipper can be configured in three ways; Free Standing, In-Floor Docking and Fixed Mounted. A variable height Drum Tipper is also available which takes the standard Drum Tipper to a new level. Its dual stage design allows drums to be lifted and tipped at much higher heights. Both the Standard and Variable Height Drum Tipper can be contained using a Rheo Ventilation Sleeve to achieve containment levels of 100-10 µg/m3.


Vacuum Lift

The Rheo Vacuum Lift is the simplest and most effective material handling solution for manipulating drums effortlessly in three dimensional space. The drum lid suction head is able to bond securely to drum lids while allowing ease of detachment when the operator is ready to pick up the next load. The floor-mounted articulating mast provides an excellent platform for effortless attachment and placement of loads within the range of the overhead jib.



Rheo Drum Mover
The Rheo Drum Movers allow for the lifting and transportation of heavy fiber, plastic, or stainless steel drums anywhere within a manufacturing facility. There are various attachments that can be easily interchanged.


Material Transfer Station
The Rheo Material Transfer Station is a modular workstation which allows for fast and ergonomic contained powder transfer. It is composed with an integrated Drum Tipper featuring a powered drum slide. This comes with multiple configurations, including containment and transfer technologies. It can also incorporate weighing into Drums, Bags and Vessels. This system can also be configured under Vacuum


Vacuum Conveyance System 
The Rheo Vacuum Conveyance System provides a safe, efficient, and contained means for transferring material using a vacuum source instead of relying on gravity. The Vacuum Conveyance System is ideal for transferring highly toxic or potentially explosive powders that are present in the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries.


Rheo Single Use Bags
Rheo Flexibles provides a wide range of single use transfer containers. The RheoPac family of products offer an excellent alternative to stainless intermediate transfer containers. The RheoPac can be designed with many valve and bag design configurations.


Rheo Continuous Liner
The Rheo Continuous Liner is an excellent pack-off solution or transferring materials from a work process into a transport container while maintaining a high-level of containment. These come in various sizes configurations and can be configured to work with existing process equipment.