Control Systems

Freund-Vector Corporation provides a full range of control systems for the operation of Freund-Vector equipment.

Our control systems are designed to meet the precise hardware and software requirements of the customer using disciplined and documented procedures. The control design is based on proven process technology to control process parameter, system monitoring, alarming, feedback, and data acquisition. Validation documentation and field verification services are available for all control systems.


The Compu automated process control system is designed specifically for pharmaceutical processing equipment. Capable of displaying different languages at the setting of a switch, the Compu is ideally suited throughout the world.

Designed to meet the strictest interpretation of 21 CFR Part 11, the Compu can be configured to any pharmaceutical manufacturing and research facility. The Compu includes a patented Recipe Editor® and incorporates SnapShot! Technology, which creates processing recipes from historical batch reports. With hundreds of validated systems installed, the Compu provides the highest in pharmaceutical process control.

Touch Screen

The Touch Screen Process Control System is a non-PC based control system that utilizes a PLC processor and an industrial Touch Screen operator interface panel to perform batch processing. Manual and automatic functions are standard. Operation modes are security protected.

Controls Retrofit and System Integration

As an industry process control technology leader, Freund-Vector offers all of the control packages as retrofits for competitive processing systems along with updates to existing Freund-Vector systems.

Integration of multiple machine controls into one automated process control system can be done using the Freund-Vector Compu Automated Process Control System. The PC/PLC based operating system will control and monitor the process operation of individual machines as one system. Interfacing into the facility’s production management system for records and data processing is also possible.

Validation Services

Freund-Vector provides validation services for the support of processing equipment and control systems.

Validation services for Freund-Vector equipment lines include comprehensive testing protocol for Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ). Freund-Vector can also provide Process Qualification (PQ) assistance when situations dictate the need for additional validation services.

Freund-Vector maintains complete confidentiality of any proprietary processes involved in the production of pharmaceutical goods. Freund-Freund-Vector believes that in order to have a “validated” process, one must start out with software and hardware that is under design scrutiny and control prior to validating the system. Validated systems are not tested, they are designed and built from the very beginning under controlled conditions.